Designing and building off-grid solar power systems

You can make enormous savings by choosing solar over grid connection. Free consultaion offer! See the pricing page.

Why Solar?

Imagine; you have decided you want electrical power in your shed, workshop, summer house or stable. You get someone to quote for installing lights, power sockets and switches and everything seems great but then you get a real shock (not the electical kind!)...................

You have to get power up to the building.

What many people don't anticipate is that the most expensive part of the task is bringing power up to the build and more than getting someone to wire up the inside of the place. Each situation will be different but expect garden shed/summerhouse installations to be between £500 and £1000. If you have to get power to your stable or barn from the nearest 11,000V line, however, expect to pay £10,000 or more! Quotes of over £20,000 are not uncommon and for 3-phase can go over £70,000.

I will show you how to save a small fortune on adding power to any un-connected outbuilding and the further it is away from the nearest power line, the more you will save. Solar power is no longer just about "going green"! This mature technology can save you £1000's compared with connecting existing buildings to the grid. If you are considering a new build or you have a existing building, which is not on the grid, then you should take a serious look at solar.