What I do for you

If you ask me to assess your site, it is important that I visit to see where the building is or is planned. I will discuss your requirements and survey the location.  I will then do an assessment based on your requirements and you will get a written report with my recommended system. I will need to charge for this. (see below) After that, there is no further obligation to buy but if you choose me to suply the system, I will give a 50% refund for a component cost of £500 (£750 combined) or more or a 100% refund for £1000 (£1500 combined) or more.

Basic assessment (Either for solar lighting or rainwater harvesting) £100
Combined assessment (Fitting both power and rainwater harvesting)  £150

Most assessments will be done on the weekend.


If your site is within a 20 mile radius of Salisbury, the price includes travel. After that, I charge £1 per mile to include my time and driving costs there and back. E.g. if I have to drive 25 miles, the extra cost will be £5.